We Are Back! New Dental Protocols for COVID-19

We Are Back! New Dental Protocols for COVID-19


We are excited to be back to our regular hours and to see everyone again! With the reopening of the office, our staff has taken advanced measures in line with the CDC and OSHA guidelines to keep all of us safe! Please see below the new dental protocols.

1. Before coming to your appointment please wear a mask and gloves, if possible.

2. Observe social distancing, by only having one friend/family member in the waiting room at a time.

3. Use the provided hand sanitizer at the front desk or wash your hands in our bathroom upon entry.

4. You will be required to complete a COVID pre-screening form asking if you have any current symptoms or have completed any recent travel in and out of the US. If so, then you will be sent home until a later date to be seen when it is safe to come in. Health history will be updated.

5. Each patient will be given 2-3% oral hydrogen peroxide mouthwash to rinse the mouth prior to any examination and dental procedure to reduce bacterial and viral load of the mouth.

6. Each patient’s temperature and blood oxygen level and pulse will be checked to monitor any possible current symptoms.

7. Any necessary dental procedures will be performed under a rubber dam to minimize exposure of staff members to patient’s oral bacteria/viral load and high speed suction will be used to remove debris and reduce aerosols.

8. Patients will be placed in separate operatories and appointment times will be 1-2 hours apart.

9. Each room and all surfaces are thoroughly wiped before and after patients with EPA disinfecting wipes.

Lastly, our office is now set up with front desk barrier screens and all operatories including the patient waiting area has HEPA plasma air filters to continuously clean out “bad” air to “good” air so that patients and staff do not have any potential exposure. Our staff is observing advanced PPE with full gowns, gloves, face shields, surgical and kn95 masks.

We know this is a difficult time for everyone and as a result, our staff is taking extra measures and putting in effort to restore the confidence in our patients. Your health and oral care is very important to us. With that said, we look forward to seeing you all soon! Call to make your appointment at 703-747-9994.

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